Ile-de-France’s National Orchestra

Île-de-France’s National Orchestra attaches great importance to educate all audiences to classical music and the orchestra’s repertoire. This is why the orchestra has initiated a partnership with major cultural schools.
These projects were made with Quentin Dufour in a partnership between the ONDIF and the ENS Louis-Lumière.

Fragmentation and unity
Through mosaics, Liza Bodt and Quentin Dufour transcribed dynamism, mobility and the unity of Île-de-France’s Orchestra.
Through photographs taken during the passage of the musicians, but also when the place was empty, each mosaic allows us to discover this place both in its architecture and in the occupation of space by the orchestra.
Thus, in these final works, we find the group spirit of the orchestra: a multitude of unique photographs, assembled to recreate a whole, a solid image.

Body and instrument
The purpose of these videographic portraits by Liza Bodt and Quentin Dufour is to value the musician as a person.
Guiding the viewer from one image to another, the split-screen emphasizes the union of the body of the musician and his instrument.
Taken from the orchestra, the artist was able to freely choose their musical discourse and thus express its uniqueness, both in the warm-up and in the piece.