Nine Windmills in the South of France

This series was conducted in parallel to a theoretical research about landscape photography in France nowadays.
The nine photographs highlight the relationship of wind turbines with their environment. Wind turbines are regularly the subject of criticism, primarily aesthetic, and challenge the perception of the landscape. Indeed, often located in rural areas, they “would spoil” the landscape of their multitude, their immensity and their futuristic appearance.
The shots are made in the Aveyron and the Tarn. The shooting sites were chosen for two distinct reasons: first, they have a multitude of exceptional landscapes and very different from each other, from agricultural landscape to pine forests or mountains. In addition, the region has for me a personal and sentimental value: it is the place where I grew up and lived, where I regularly go back and where I gradually see landscapes souvenir change. The memory and perception of today’s territory are thereby divided.
I wanted in this series to show wind turbines in a different way, to document them.


In the series, the aim is for each photograph, to link a wind turbine with a different landscape each time.
Inspired by the typologies of Becher, the wind turbine is always in the same place in the image, in the center and in the foreground, creating repetition and geometry; and the scenery is always different, showing the variety and uniqueness of the spaces. I thus return the situation: instead of seeing a multitude of wind turbines in a single landscape, which is generally the case in the representation of the wind turbine in the landscape, we see now every time the same wind turbine in a different landscape. The effect is surprising : in reality, these structures are huge and seem even more when represented as a group. Alone facing the landscape, they look smaller, and are eventually better integrated in the landscape.